Happy Birthday Mr.Flawless / by Levi Felder

Last night Greg Yuna aka Mr.Flawless celebrated his birthday by throwing  a Sunday afternoon party at Haus. Watching Greg evolve from just another jeweler in the diamond district to becoming the 6th Ave God has been something to behold. My first run in with Mr.Flawless was about 3 years ago, I stumbled into Griffin(R.I.P) and despite not seeing anyone I knew personally I did happen to recognize one; Greg Yuna. We chopped it up over the loud bass of yesteryears club anthems and from that night onward our relationship continued to grow. Last night was a time for us all to unwind on the lords day and turn up on behalf of Mr.Flawless, I didn't bother to ask how old he was turning because that was irrelevant, this man is going to continue to push the envelop in terms of his personal brand and the people and places he will find himself. Happy Birthday Mr.Flawless, many, many more!