1AM Vibes Brooklyn w/ YesJulz / by Levi Felder

Hey Everyone! So last earlier this week I got contracted to shoot @YesJulz's 1AM Vibes party that her agency was throwing over in Brooklyn. I wasn't all too familiar with who Julz really was up until about last month. Scrolling down my timeline I came across a photo of her with Ronnie Feig, Nigel Sylvester, and some other gorgeous female but she caught my attention instantaneously but alas with well over 300k followers there didn't seem to be anyway I could breathe the same air as her. Then I get a message in the DM from her agency and it was on! Plenty of good friends made it out to Kinfolk on Tuesday night and the vibes were indeed tight. An endless ocean of blunts, baddies, and body suits that didn't seem to die down for a second. Julz directs music videos from what I understand and is very keen on uplifting others around her by making them the center of her current endeavors or throwing events in which her core following can learn more about the agency and other goings on. This girl is always on the move, being the photographer that night it was practically my mission to shadow her around the club and capture her true essence, I'd like to say I did an okay job Check the photos out below and keep it moving, till next time!