Last Night @Noble featuring Mr.Flawless / by Levi Felder

Allriiiiiight! Last night there were many movements to be made; the first was Sweet & Vicious because I can never go wrong by starting the night off there. Dugger and I then navigated our way to Noble on 31st Street to link up with Marc Montoya right quick, we appeared in the midst of a Knicks party and another private party was just clearing out but with 30 mins a whole new series of people presented themselves including one Greg Yuna(Mr.Flawless) and his merry gang of heavily blinged out homies and females. The vibes were right, the drinks were tight, and the women were more or less A1, peep the photos below, post, and tag ya boi! Till next time. 

Note: Dugger and I were supposed to make it down to Rumpus Room and wish Kelly Shami a happy birthday but shit got too turnt, soooooo Happy Birthday Kelly Shami!