"I Invited You So I Can Kick Your Ass" A Going Away Celebration for Brandon Dugger! / by Levi Felder

Last night a sufficient amount of my friends breached the perimeter of Lower Manhattan to get drunk and have fun in midtown at Dave N Busters for one Brandon Dugger; who is off to start a new life in Hawaii. There are a multitude of feelings that I've never felt for another guy before, they aren't too many people that I can relate too in terms of upbringing, fashion, music, women, controlled substances, etc. It breaks my heart that someone that I fuck with so much and is such a constant in my life, won't be around for awhile. And I'm finding it kinda hard to cope, even as I do this write up I can't help but wanting to stop you at the gate but I digress. Dave N Busters if you aren't already familiar is an establishment where you can eat food and drink alcohol and play awesome arcade games. Naturally we were all in our element and what followed after was 4 hours of continuous game play. After just watching "The Force Awakens" the Battle Pod game was an awesome way to experience flying an X-Wing, these games are awesome team building exercises. I took some time to shoot some candids, sorry I couldn't get everyone but after my headphones got stolen I kinda lost my drive, lol. It was a very happy night with some slight overcast in the form of me having to say goodbye to one of my best friends, wanting to cry I kept it in and hugged my friend and left the premises and with no music to play on the long local E Train ride home I had a lot of time to think and I understand. I understand that sometimes you have to see what happens, it's what I'm doing with my life so who am I to try to stop the growth of another person, I wish ,y friend luck and hope he finds what he's looking for, cuz either way I've got plans for you Dugg, I've got plans.....burn after reading.