"In The Streets" with Janine and the Mixtape / by Levi Felder

Hello Everyone! If you can remember back to the times when I was flexing heavy on Tumblr then you'll probably remember one; Janine and the Mixtape. Let me paint the picture. Janine worked over at Vans/DQM and I was over at The Hundreds and when I first saw her I knew it would be a great look to feature her on my Tumblr. We shot some really quick sets on Grand St. and it was dope for what it was back then. Respectively, we've both come a long way in the last two and a half years and Janine's music has only gotten more accolades and so has my photography so it only seemed right that we linked up and killed shit one time. Janine is headed back to LA for a bit so this was a great time to us to chat, catch up, and shoot some great work. Simply put, this was a very casual shoot, we just walked around SoHo and did the damn thing, I'm proud of these photos and I'm even more happy that Janine fucks with them wholeheartedly. Check out the sets below and follow Janine of IG by clicking here!

Set One

Set Two

Set Three