Los Angeles, California Part: Two / by Levi Felder

After heading back to Long Beach to relax and recharge I hopped on the Metro again at about midnight in order to get some shots of iconic LA locations. First on my list was the 6th Street Bridge. This bridge has the best view of the Los Angeles skyline as well as overlooking the LA River. Everything from some of my favorite movies, shows, and skate videos have been filmed on this bridge so to have it all to myself at about 1am was unreal. After owning the bridge I Uber'd it over to the I-110 Freeway to get a long exposure of the awesome late night traffic; again, the city is dead and I'm all about it. After scoring points on the freeway I got another Uber and tried to make it up to the Hollywood Bowl but it was closed after hours so my driver was cool enough to take me up to the Hollywood Hills and capture an awesome shot of the entire city and it was mesmerizing. At about 4am I called it a night and just had the driver take me back to Long Beach. In total I must've spent about $90.00 on all my rides total, then I tipped the last guy hefty because he went the extra mile literally and got me Jack in the Box and was down to really show me around town. That's LA part deux ladies and gentleman.