A Quick Stop @ Diamond Supply Co. Warehouse / by Levi Felder

Before my 4pm flight back to New York I had to make way back LA again to link up with my main man Jeron Wilson. Jeron Wilson if you don't know is the co-founder of Diamond Supply and is one of the best skateboarders in the world. Growing up admiring the Girl Skateboard company and everything it stood for gave me drive when I was out all day skating with my homies, so it's beyond a privilege to be in the headquarters of Diamond Supply. Last May I found myself here just chilling in the waiting lounge with a look of confusion and obliviousness on my face because I am just a fan at the end of the day but it's very humbling to have friends like Jeron in really high places that want to see me to well. Walking around the warehouse there's so much history, designers working on upcoming seasons, and people talking about how fucked up they're gonna get when they party next time. I love it all, Diamond Supply really has their shit together and I'm excited for the New York store slated to open on August 15th, see you there!