"Day in the Life" EP Prod. by J57 / by Levi Felder


Guys....I'm fortunate and blessed to know the people I have around me. Everyone does they're thing and everyone's fucking great at what they all do. J57 is no exception to this rule. Jimmy Heinz is an extraordinary producer that through mutual friends; we became friends. I've done some shoots for J in the past, nothing big; just me with my camera just taking lifestyle photos and they really appealing to J. The rest as they say is history, so lately when I decided to start preparing to film a "Day in the Life" I thought to myself "This is gonna need a sound, a particular sound" and I looked no further than someone I knew could crush it and indeed he did. Listen below and if you like what you hear, download it and keep it! Thank you again J! Follow J on Instagram and Twitter.