Yosemite National Park / by Levi Felder

Heading into Yosemite National Park I didn't really know what to expect. Everything I had seen online and in other peoples photos still didn't make an impact on me visually, but I'm glad that happened because it made driving through it all the more surreal. Coming from New York it's weird to be surrounded by actual nature; Central Park is about as good as it gets when it comes to nature back home. This park is flawless, down to the little duckies and squirrels. Driving up to about 4,500ft above sea level was pretty awesome, my ears must've popped about 4-5 times. Once you're up though, the view is breathtaking, the clouds are on they're best behavior, and there's El Captian. El Captian is the largest structure in the entire park and If you didn't look up it would appear to be just a giant wall of rock. Getting to see this structure made me really happy because it's been the wallpaper to my computer for some time now so I'm stoked that I could see it and shoot it for myself. Pulling over and shooting, and shooting out the car was how I achieved these shots but I would love to come back and camp here, I bet things get even better. Headed to Vegas after this so stay tuned to West Coast Vacation 2015.