Mad Decent Block Party NYC 2015 / by Levi Felder

Last month I went through the appropriate channels in order to shoot photos at the Mad Decent Block Party. Normally I don't care for the EDM lifestyle scene but after hearing that the NYC lineup was looking pretty strong I reconsidered and decided to shoot the event. The block party lasted 2 days this year falling on a Saturday and a Sunday, unfortunately I was put on for the Sunday show after getting so hype to be there on Saturday. Nevertheless, after looking at Sunday's lineup the only person I found to be of any real amusement was Tyler, the Creator. Not wanting to lose the opportunity to shoot this show I still made it to the event at about 4pm and to my surprise Vic Mensa was already taking the stage. Rushing over to the photo pit I took as many photos as I could and they got better as Vic started to interact with the crowd in the form of crowd surfing. Vic put on a great set and it was much better this time around since seeing him last year at the Vitamin Water "Uncapped" event that I shot last year where he performed alongside Trey Songz. After a long intermission I spotted Mac Miller making his way to the stage and although he was here, performing was not on his agenda. Mac was here to support is his homies Tyler, Taco, and Jasper from Odd Future and I though that was awesome. Mac was just chilling, smoking, and getting at the fans with a super soaker given to him by the Mad Decent staff. I used this time to really shoot awesome candids of Mac; a photo of which made its way to his Instagram "@LarryFisherman" go peep that! Anyway, Tyler's set was amazing as always. I expect strong stage presence, vast quantities of foul language, and obscene jokes told to the crowd about how weird they are. These things; while detrimental to some, are what makes Tyler's sets perfect. There's a unfathomable amount of realness both in Tyler's music and in his everyday life and I think this is his best quality. It would be another long intermission before another headlining artist would take the stage.

After about 2 hours of DJ's that I don't know warming up the crowd, it was time for the main event. At Sundown, Diplo, Skrillex, and Keisza would take the stage and fucking kill shit! I have never experienced anything like this before on stage and I was blessed to be so close, get great shots, and to just be along for the ride. EDM is a genre I'm not all to familiar with in depth but when I hear good music regardless of it's genre I have to ask someone or I'm secretly shazaming the track in question but I follow all 3 of these people on Spotify so I'm up to date eon what the kids are listening to. It was an amazing experience being here and I'm also proud to come back from vacation and kill shit right off the bat. I'm back and better than ever, let's go!!!!!!! follow me on IG @LeviDopeness if you don't already.