Billionaire Boys Club/IceCream Summer 2015 Editorial / by Levi Felder

After scheduling conflicts last week I saw to it personally that this editorial was shot yesterday. Going into an editorial/lookbook for BBC-IceCream I know it's imperative to really incorporate atmosphere, mood of the models, and key details about the clothing. Clean cut visuals is mandatory; so capturing some generic "good looking" photos was my starting agenda on the Manhattan bridge walkway but as we made our way into the 2nd and 3rd sets I got a bit more in control and was able to do some things I've never had the chance to do while shooting. Gil and Sam were my models for the afternoon and I couldn't be more stoked to have the homie and a lovely looking dame at his side to provide awesome visuals for this shoot. Chemistry was also very important and wanted to almost make Gil and Sam look like a real couple and I feel as though I succeeded there, Gil brought his BMX bicycle and it created more for me to work with aesthetically; that and he throws down on that thing. Chinatown is basically where our shooting took place; crazies, fights with authority figures, and hot humid weather were enough to deal with but I'm content with what we've achieved here. Hopefully this expands the catalogue of work that I can provide for this brand, I'd love to thank Gilberto Soto and Samirah Raheem for being nothing short of perfect and a shout out to Asha who works at BBC/IceCream's office and acknowledged my superior photography skills and put me on staff to shoot this, thank you. Enjoy Guys!