Sweet Chick LES 1 Year Anniversary Feat. Nas / by Levi Felder

     Oh how the year went by. It seems like only yesterday that everyone was freaking out because Ludlow was about to lose one of it's most cherished bars; Max Fish. Now I've only set foot in Max Fish to play pool but all of the real New York OG's swear by it being one of the best bars in the lower east side. The closing of Max Fish was imminent but I didn't really care about it one bit being gone, in retrospect I would've been just fine going to Pianos or Epstien's for a drink after a long day of work but hey that's just me. Then one day the buzz of this new restaurant "Sweet Chick" started to spread throughout the streets and eventually reached my ear drums. With all the talk circulating around the city it only made sense to head down to 178 Ludlow Street to see what all the fuss was about and what followed shortly after eating was simply spectacular. Movies and tv had told me that chicken and waffles started in Holland but that was completely irrelevant to me as I dug into my first plate that consisted of a bacon cheddar waffle, two pieces of cooked to perfection chicken, and 2 out of this world sized biscuits. Sitting there stuffed as a fat kid who ate to many twinkies I thought to myself; "This shit is crack" and I realized I'd come across the rebirth of 178 Ludlow, and would forever be Sweet Chick.

Last night was quite the place to be as Sweet Chick celebrated it's 1 year anniversary. The amount of people in attendance was unprecedented with the likes of Vashtie Kola, Statik Selektah, Smoke DZA, CJ Fly of Pro Era, The Alchemist, Peter Rosenberg, Laura Stylez, Mr.Flawless, Killer Mike, and of course Nas. Expecting Nas to be in attendance was enough to make me nervous but when everyone else pulled up it was pandemonium in my head, I couldn't believe that I was breathing the same air as Nas, let alone drinking Hennessy with him and smoking cuban cigars. Taking in my surroundings and shooting photos in such a star studded space really makes me put my life in perspective. I'm proud of what John has done with Sweet Chick and I wish him the best of luck in all his future endeavors with the new cornerstone of Ludlow Street. With Nas on board as a partner in the franchise now we can only expect bigger and better things as time goes on.