Pocket Monster Snap / by Levi Felder

So incase you haven't been around to witness whats been going on via my Instagram account, I've taken it upon myself to re-create one of my favorite childhood video games by using IG as a platform to re-introduce people to the world of Pokemon. Pocket Monster Snap takes on the idea that the world I live in could possibly sustain the cute, cuddly, sometimes dangerous characters. It started with me not being able to have time to shoot the things I wanna shoot, and it also took some time to really analyze my surrounding and formulate in my head what works best as a background and which Pokemon would fit perfectly in said background. This concept isn't a new one, people who are visual artist; a term I don't quite feel comfortable branding myself with just yet, deal with this meshing of cartoons and other media on a daily basis with the use of Adobe's creative suite. There is a great sense of pride that I get from making these images and it brings me even greater joy that people really dig it. Deep down inside all of us is that 7-9 year old kid that wants Pokemon to be real, I'm just giving the people what they so desperately need. In the last couple of weeks I've played around with other cartoons i.e. Gundam, Astro Boy, and Who Framed Roger Rabbit, but I know Pokemon is here to stay. You can follow Me and @PocketMonsterSnap on IG for all upcoming pieces and prints will be available very soon. In the meantime enjoy some of these full images from the project so far.