G-Shock X Complex Magazine X Hisham Akira Bharoocha / by Levi Felder

Complex Magazine in conjunction with G-Shock threw an event to showcase works done by Brooklyn based artist Hisham Bharoocha. On top of being an artist, Bharoocha is also a photographer and a musician, which almost kinda makes him a lot like myself and I have a deep level or respect and admiration for people that are gifted in one or more creative fields. The underlying theme of the art revolved around the use of this collage-camouflage print that was presented in direct correlation with 3 watches sporting the same camouflage treatment. This event was held at my new place of employment; the SoHo G-Shock flagship store and ran from 7-9pm. Guest appearances from Ricky Powell and a couple of other affiliates made the event worthwhile and filled with good vibes overall. Stay tuned for the remainder of the work I will be doing with G-Shock and follow us on Instagram (@GShock_US) & (@GShockSoHoNYC).