Laray's 3 Year Anniversary @ Open House / by Levi Felder

Okay! These photos have been long overdue but I'll get to the point. Recently at the opening reception of "If You Ask Me It's About The Soul" a group show curated by legendary street photographer and my funky uncle mentor Ricky Powell(@TheLazyHustler) I met a girl named Lauren(@JinYao) who is really good friends with my friend Aiyana and you know how it goes from there. A couple of weeks later I got a text from Lauren wondering if I could shoot a nice little event that she had planned in the coming weeks; I graciously accepted and here I am. Laray's; Lauren's cookie cutting brainchild, is a novelty cookie company for special orders, catering, weddings, and any other parties or events that you need an awesome snack. After a long day of work I made the trek over to Open House and proceeded to lay the work down. The best part about shooting a party at a bar or a lounge is the liquid confidence; i.e. alcohol that comes with the gig, always drink enough to where you can still function and get the job done; please, these are words to live by. It's been awesome to see people like Lauren who are doing well with business ventures at a young age. On top of doing her thing working for Apple and running her own business I wish her the best of luck in her future ventures. I also wish for much growth within her business and her shoe game. Follow Lauren and Laray's on Instagram.