Studio Time w/ Elle Pierre / by Levi Felder

Blessed Sunday everyone! With today being such a beautiful day I figured I'd stay inside and get some work done; funny right?! Anyway, awesome weather aside I bring you guys these photos of the lovely Elle Pierre(@loveellepierre), she had heard of me before but it was my first time meeting her and she did her thang as the make-up artist for Catherine Chioma so I really didn't expect her to jump on set and take some photos as well. Shooting with the studio equipment had me completely out of my element but by the time it was Elle's turn to pose I think I had it all figured out and the result is something simple but definitely fairly contemporary and I have Chindo(@Ordinarychin) to thank for that. Follow Elle on IG and watch her singing talent continue to grow and prosper.

First Set

                                  Second Set