Appalachian Trail / by Levi Felder

The Appalachian Trail follows ridges of mountains east of the Alleghenies to the Susquehanna River in a long section of Trail notorious for its foot-bruising, boot-destroying rocks.....Yeah no shit, my legs still hurt. This passed weekend my good homie Barko(@Minivanboy666) and a couple of his homies took a nice little road trip 3 hours outside of the city to walk the The Appalachian Trail. Now; to be frank, I had not realized how serious of a trail this was. Like I mentioned earlier my legs are still feeling the effects of this trip, with no real destination among the trail it was like we just drove to walk, there wasn't much to shoot too; I don't know maybe it's just me. After about an hour I was over it but still had to persevere and keep walking these paths that went on; essentially, forever. It's safe to say that I'm not in the best physical condition of my life right now, but this voyage would've been a deal breaker for most people I know so I do commend myself for making it as far as I(we) did. With only about 6 photos from this trip that I felt should make it here, you guys should know how hellacious this was, shooting became secondary to looking out for bears and other things that would stand in our way. All in all, another fairly successful trip with some memories I won't forget.