Curren$y's #PilotTalk3Tour @B.B.Kings / by Levi Felder

It's no secret that Curren$y aka Spitta Andretti has a catalogue of tracks as long as my arm and when you get blessed enough to see him live more than once; like I have, you really can expect 3 things. The first is Spitta bringing incredible but a really chill vibe, the second is the amount of hits he will perform in the duration of time you have with him, and lastly unprecedented amounts of weed smoke in the air. Leaving this show I smelt like I was an easy target for the cops but all I could think about was how awesome this show was. Curren$y only every performs at B.B.Kings when he's in town and I thank him for it, it's a really small venue making for a intimate show and much better conditions for me to shoot. For this show most of the JLR(Jet Life Recordings) crew was in attendance with the exception on Trademark Da Skydiver who was not in attendance, other than that it was a full house consisting of SG, L.E.$, Young Roddy, Corner Boy P, Spitta, and a surprise guest; fresh of the plane, Styles P touched down to perform a track or two and the vibes were nothing short of extraordinary. Spitta signed my Billionaire Boys Club hat and that made the experience even better, take a look at the photos below and enjoy. Jet Life till the next life!