Abandoned Children's Hospital on Staten Island / by Levi Felder

Last week I was invited by my good friend Barko(@Minivanboy666) to accompany him to the abandoned children's hospital on Staten Island. Being that it was very cold and out of my element I normally would've declined, but my camera has been collecting dust due to the weather, I decided to take this opportunity to get out of the house and catch some bangers. The journey to the hospital was work enough, all four of us; Barko, his friend, Karissa(@_Nosebleed), and myself found ourselves in some sticky situations trying to scale the sides of really steep, ice covered hills in order to get to the hospital. Once inside, it was time to get to work and after exploring all 6 floors of this abandoned establishment I was very pleased with the results. It'll probably be awhile before I do something like this again, so I'm happy I got my lazy ass out of bed to go on this trip, Thank You Barko and now that you have a whip we'll be getting around a lot more.