Let Me Bring You Up To Speed... / by Levi Felder

Alright...so aside from the amount of physical distress I'm putting my body through by doing the most right now, I have to say its the most exhilarating feeling I've ever had. My drive is through the roof and my ambitions are at an all time high. Making more time to link up with people and pushing the envelope on what we could be doing is proving to enrich my life; in that every night of the week seems to be awesome, but i also realize that I could've just gone home. Via social media I linked with a young ambitious photographer who wished to shoot but didn't have a camera, so I lent her my 5DMKII while I rocked the 7D. We walked through Chinatown and found some gems, it was my first night back shooting in about 3 months so I was so pumped when all was said and done. Lea and I continued through CT for about an hour then came to a halt and we had to blow it down. Shortly after a couple of rotations I brought up the deep infatuation I've developed for sound as of late and how scared I was to get into it. The root of my fears came from the realization that sound isn't a visual medium. Every other form of art that I've done from drafting, graphic design, cartooning, and photography it's very easy to see when something is wrong when you look at something and you could make adjustments accordingly, but with sound; sound, is immersive. Sound is space, and I'm scared to have the kind of power that can change the vibe of a room. I'm so used to being in the room in the corner watching everyone else, taking photos....but even now as I write this down it seems to me as though getting into music is completely different. 

             The Levi that shoots photos in a room and then the Levi that makes the music in the room, are kinda like an alter ego dynamic. Music puts you in places and around people of great status and respect and granted over the course of my life thus far I've met more famous people than I thought I'd ever met. Shooting photos is humbling to me. There's a real give and take transaction with any subject I lay my lens on. Making music is a world of over excess, gluttony, addiction, sex....is this a world I really wanna get myself into? I'm pretty high but you guys get the idea, I don't wanna be corrupted. I have great people all around me and I don't ever want one ounce shade in my life and I guess if I just keep it tight I'll be alright. Its great to have financial stability, visuals and sounds, and the future is looking brighter with every passing day. It's looking more and more like I'll be able to apply myself in a way that can make me live the lifestyle that I dream about so very often. That's what keeps me going, seeing everyone around me doing their thing and making bread. We're all getting older and we need to really buckle down and have a vision.

These photos shot about 2 weeks ago re-ignited the spark. I was lost for a quick second just going through the motions then I said "Nah" "I could go harder and try to be more active", and from a photography standpoint it's paying off immensely, my body just hurts more now than ever, but anyway enjoy the flicks! Thank you for letting me talk your ear off!