AGENDA NYC 2015 / by Levi Felder

Another year, another Agenda in NYC. There's much to be said about the presence that the Agenda Tradeshow as brought to the world of street wear over the years and every year it only seems to do bigger and better things. I wasn't sure if having it at the Javitz Center was a good thing because I felt as thought the Javitz Center was too big of a stage for the street wear world to display how awesome it truly is; this year, my opinion has changed. This year they proved that they can hold it down, it's always nice to see all the faces behind the clothing that we all love and adore. It's a great pleasure to walk around and look at all the up and coming brands and what new innovations are brewing, running into all the people that work out in California just make me feel like this industry is so much bigger than just the buying and selling of merch from a retailer, there's a story that the clothing tells and it really goes with you wherever you go. The streetwear universe is somewhat small but is ever growing  and I look forward to seeing everyone when they come back to town.