TheHundreds Fashion Week Party 2014 / by Levi Felder

It only seemed like 48 hours ago Christian(@DJCCNY) and myself were seated on the stoop and thought it would be awesome to throw a Fashion Week party, the end result 24 hours later came in the form of Belaire Rose sponsoring our liquor, having a flyer prepared with the quickness, and spreading the word amongst all of our friends. The turnout was perfect and despite the room being very hot (Sorry for making you wear black) it was tons of fun. The last Fashion Week party we threw was off the hook and it's great to see that we could recreate that atmosphere again only far more controlled this time around. If you're reading this post you were probably here having a good time and I thank you for taking the time out to kick it with us. Hopefully you'll be around the next time we decide to brainstorm a party!