13 Years Later :: The 9/11 Memorial Lights / by Levi Felder

Last year I was really close to the action that is the memorial lights for the victims of 2001's terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. As a young 4th grader I couldn't really comprehend what was going on until I got home and witnessed what was happening on television; I thought we were under attack or something and technically we were but I didn't understand who or why someone would attack our country. 13 years later and I shoot really awesome photographs and I pay homage in my own way by capturing the immense memorial that is the lights. It's almost kinda unreal to look at but it's majestic all the same and tis being my first go at a log exposure photo I was pretty impressed by the look and clarity of my pictures, to date; the photo I Instagrammed is my most popular photo, thank you everyone who keeps cheering me on to keep doing bigger and better things.