B4.DA.$$ / by Levi Felder

It's been about a firm 2 years since I've realized that some of the homies that I grew up with in Crown Heights are now members of the Progressive Era movement, which; if you don't know is a collective rap group of 12 very young talented rappers. Those who do know; know them as Pro Era and Joey Badass is the frontman of this group and as of about a year ago they've really blown up. Seeing the world and escaping the realness of the hood is dream for just about anybody who grew up under the circumstances so it's awesome to see that I could take refuge in photography and they could rap their way to freedom so to speak. Chilling on the stoop Kirk Knight made his way over, Joey and Dyemond soon followed and it became a really cool time to shoot and catch up. Joey's new album "B4.DA.$$" will be released soon and the first single (Big Dusty) is now available via the web. Follow Joey(@Jozifbadmon), Kirk(@KirkKnight), and Dyemond(@Draziiil).