Up Early :: Day2 / by Levi Felder

After getting a taste of what getting up at 4am can do for me and my photos as a whole I took it upon myself to wake up early again; this time alone, and go capture daybreak from another vantage point. Central Park West seemed like a good place to start, after shooting the Besethda Fountain area I skated down 5th Avenue to hit GCT(Grand Central Terminal) and popped in and out during the morning rush hour then took the 4 train down to Bowling Green to hop on the Staten Island Ferry which took me across the hudson to "The Land Time Forgot" lol, anyway I figured instead of just being on this island only to leave 5 mins later seemed like a waste so I skated and tried to circumnavigate the Island; and got pretty far, skated about 3.3 miles to arrive at the Botanical Garden located on the Eastside of the island. Before I knew it the time was 10:30am and that means this morning excursion is over, till next time!