Up Early :: Day 1 / by Levi Felder

Getting into the funk of shooting with small meets has proved to be quite fun over the last couple weeks and with that comes the hectic; or rather very ill timed meet ups that coincide with some of these cats. Alex(@AlexPenfornis) had touched down from Paris and I love his work so I hit him up and before I knew it I'm waking up at 5:30am to meet up with him and Donnie(@Nulooks_) after meeting up with those 2 several others soon joined the quest for morning glory they included Lily Rose(@Lily__Rose), Vladimir Sh(@VooDoosh); from France, Alex Barrera(@Arch_Barrera) from Vancouver, Victor Chen(Vict0rchen), (@UrbanAlDarkness), Tim Kau(@Tim.Kau), all from the city, and I also had the pleasure of getting to know Danielle Sallah(@BeBeDowntown) and Cesarin Mateo(@IamCesarin). We all met up and embarked across the Brooklyn bridge to catch daybreak and it was fantastic, I just might have to get into the habit of getting up early to get great content. We all split up ventually and went our own ways it was a great start to my long ass day. As always follow me on IG (@LeviDopeness)