Coors Lite & Complex Magazine ::"AXIS" featuring Curren$y and Big Sean. / by Levi Felder

It can be hard to keep track of all the emails that have to do with free concerts in the city but I do keep my eyes open for the ones that feature the right people and the big names. Last night I made the pilgrimage to the industrial district of Williamsburg to a venue called "The 1896" I'd been here before for some other event about a year ago but anyway tonight was about Curren$y(@Spitta_Andretti) and BigSean(@BigSean). Pulled up to the spot at about 7pm only to wait in line for about 3 hours; not cool, and miss Spitta's first half of the set. I'm fighting my way to front of the crowd to get to the stage in time for Big Sean to hit the stage and to my surprise I actually make it. I saw Big Sean at his album release concert at Terminal 5 back in August last year and didn't care so much about getting good photos of him during his set, Curren$y on the other hand I hadn't seen perform in about 2 years despite seeing him at the Diamond Supply Co x FranK151 book signing last winter, clearly I took a blow not catching Spitta at the best visually appealing spot but I did get to hear him rhyme and that was everything to me. Enjoy the pics and follow me @LeviDopeness on IG.