Billionaire Boys Club X Bee Line X Timberland Release. / by Levi Felder

You guys remember the BBC x Timberland collaboration boot that I shot about a month ago, well today was the release day for that boot and the turnout was much greater than I ever could have predicted. Limited to only 300 pairs the boot is a special collaboration shoe by Timberland for BBC and their partner brand Bee Line; curated by Mark McNairy is sure to fly off the shelves as I type this and will be gone by the time your'e done reading it. The good folks from Good Humor were there to give away free ice cream to help people keep cool as they waited in line. Shooting little items for BBC as of late has been fun and gives me a bit more range as far as the street wear industry goes. If you missed the released you can best believe the eBay market is going to skyrocket this evening.