Catching up with @Novess / by Levi Felder

As of recently I've found myself wanting to link and make connections with other like-minded photographers. Instead of being alone and exploring the urban surroundings it's proven to be fun to bring a friend then to play Linkin Park and be alone; you know who you are, anyway I linked up with Ryan Parilla(@Novess) the young teen prodigy who's making quite the name for himself as of late. Our lengthy journey took us through the piers of Red Hook then along Brooklyn's coast and that was a journey in it self, we came across a very old wise man with many cats and pigeons and we exchanged stories; kept walking until we hit Brooklyn Bridge Park. It was a route I wasn't all too familiar with but the finds were awesome and walking through the newly renovated Pier 5-2 was cool. We then wrapped and I headed home.