Happy Birthday Justin Bell aka @PoloSheets aka Taliban Don aka Justin Lauren / by Levi Felder

Justin Bell is without a shadow of a doubt the reason I am where I am today. Without Justin I would've probably finished college and would've had my degree in Graphic Design but I'm happy, I'm happy that I dropped out of school and went to The Hundreds everyday after class or would cut class just to kick it with Chris and Justin. They took me in for god knows what reason and 3 years later I'm proud of the person that I've become; a very well rounded individual who is fairly well adept in everything from comic books to the right amount of sag your pants should have. Yesterday night we had dinner at the chinatown staple 69 Bayard and as always the staff was very nice and even provided laughs on laughs. Happy Birthday Justin and may you have 25 more birthdays......but just 25 haha! Love you bro!