Warehouse Hopping / by Levi Felder

After linking with Jeron over at the Diamond Supply warehouse I ubered over to the HUF warehouse to meet up with a mutual friend Jermaine and we kicked it and chopped it up for abit, thanks Justine(@Zhoosteen) for linking us and I will be kicking with you guys soon follow their brand based out of Virigina; Utmost Co(@UtmostCo). Then I headed over to The Hundreds homebase to say my goodbyes to the family before I made my departure from Los Angeles to Ventura. Seeing Ben, Mahtab, Joey and the rest of the media team means a lot to me because it's nice to have a personality to attach to the emails of the people I write to. Hopping around all day made me really hungry and so Joey took me all the way back to Rosewood and we linked up with Five and we went to have lunch over at Golden State; which these guys hold in high regard as far as burgers go but the food was awesome and we brainstormed some marketing ideas for The Hundreds, I would then leave Golden State to find the one and only Davey aka The Dread just kicking it outside of Supreme and I hugged him for about 3 mins, it was really great seeing that even though he was gone for so long ain't shit changed.