Getting higher at the Griffith Observatory / by Levi Felder

The Griffith Observatory is another one of those Los Angeles staple landmarks that I just to visit and I figured I hit the jackpot since it was Memorial Day and figured I'd be the only one up there, I was wrong. As packed as it was Bianca and myself made it very much worth it, we arrived at the peak of the afternoon sunlight and the walk up was so energizing. The view utterly breathtaking and once again I found myself thinking "Nigga I made it!" but I digress haha. My online research of the observatory did tell me that it would be close on Monday so I was really bummed about that but again the view made it all the more worth it. After sundown Bianca and I walked down the hill, and I mean all the way down! we even bumped into a wild coyote just walking around and got so scared, I wanted to take a photo of it but feared for my life. Once out of the woods; pun intended, we cabbed it back to Hollywood, grabbed some liquor and headed back to the hotel. I'm not done with the hills just yet, there are some more things I'd love to explore but with this trip coming to a close I'm strapped for time.