Real RSWD / by Levi Felder

Today I really kept on the block and really got familiar with the people that make Fairfax Ave what it really is; fucking fantastic. It's awesome to see what an awesome community of shops are on the block and how they all interact and look out for one another, I started my day by kicking it with Jesse Vargas and his co-workers over at Hall Of Fame, then made my way over to The Hundreds to see my homie Five who celebrated his birthday the night before and in doing that I bumped into Umi who is the long time captain of RSWD. Umi is leaving soon but the shop is in great hands with Five, while on Rosewood, Umi introduced me everyone else at the other stores and now I'm well acquainted with the heads of all the stores I like. Kicking it on the block all day really made me feel at home oddly enough just a sense of doing a lot but not doing anything at all just resonates with me so well. It was an honor kicking it with the real niggas of Rosewood.