TheHundreds #HomeBase / by Levi Felder

Taking things day by day really seems to be working in my favor, it's nice to wake up and literally do whatever the fuck I want but its still nice t have some structure, speaking of structure I had to pay my west coast family The Hundreds, after all they are the reason I can even afford to be out here. With haste I Ubered a car and drove over to Vernon, which is like a very industrial part of town but everywhere is cool for me, upon arrival I was greeted by Alina and the guy that chugged the Tapatio hot sauce for $100 but as I continued to venture I bumped into Bobby, Scotty, and Corzilla from CBG, even Jon was around. Got shot by Scali for something for the website and sadly I did not get to shoot any of Jon's sneakers that he keeps in his office space but hey, maybe next time. As I wandered throughout the warehouse I jus try record to record the things that really make this place special; namely, the Adam bomb mascot and the "$3.5 Million Dollar" Bar Logo chain, which I got to model proudly. Just another day at HQ, I'll be back before his trip is over.