LeviDopeness x SDJ x NYonAir / by Levi Felder

I've been in talks with the arial photography company NYonAir for about a year now to really do something special and fly high above my city and do what I do best. Being blessed with the perfect weather on Thursday I choose to spread my wings and fly; first off, let me tell you It was the coolest thing I've ever done photowise. There's nothing quite like being up that high with the door open and having complete creative control in the air, its simply divine. It did however get dark really quickly but I was still blessed to be up there, I brought Sammy Da Joo (@SDJ) up with me and I'm sure he snagged some heat as well, these are the selects that I think really sum up the trip, please enjoy and best believe I'll have new prints available soon for sale. Follow me on IG @LeviDopeness. Also a special shout put to Pat, Beau, Tim and Jillian over at NYonAir follow their account @NYonAir.