Joey Bada$$ & Pro Era Feat. Vince Staples :: B4DA$$ Tour @Irving Plaza / by Levi Felder

Okay Guys, this is a lengthy one, but there is lots of content I swear; so much content in fact that I had to make multiple galleries for your viewing pleasure. When it comes to shooting shows I normally treat them like work, when it comes to shooting Pro Era, these guys are like family so naturally I can really work the stage to get really good photos. I can't stress enough how good it is to see people that I've grown up with get out of the hood and make the world their own, Dyemond Lewis specifically is a really good friend of mine and seeing him travel the world with his talented group of friends brings a great deal of happiness to me, anyway; this show was awesome and all the Pro's got their time to shine respectively. Vince Staples was the guest at this show and seeing him live for the first time up close was quite the experience, Joey performed more than enough songs to leave the audience more than satisfied and there was even a minute-long moment of silence for deceased member of the group "Capital Steez" There are just as much styles and personalities in this group as there are songs in their catalogue, so I beg you all to check out my photos, and go download some tracks, thank you!


Joey Bada$$ & Static Selektah