PacSun & Vans present "Danny Brown" @The House of Vans / by Levi Felder

Nylon Magazine has been good to me, blessing me with yet another awesome opportunity to showcase my photo diversity and skills in the form of a show headlined by Danny Brown(@XDannyXBrownX). I made my way sloppily drunk to the venue hoping I would sober up enough to get my settings straight; and I did, but again there was an open bar so the liver plot thickened. People hold Danny in high regards when it comes to his musical craft but I never gave him the time of day, to me if your beats are on point and I can comprehend what your saying you alright with me, in Danny's case there are only so many times I understand what was said but like most people who come to a show it's important to have an open mind and just take it all in. The show was awesome and the crowd really gave Danny all they had, I ran into Drama Beats and tha was hilarious, I also had a blast just chilling and shooting in the press section with the homie Peter Pabon(@TheWastedTalent). It's no secret that I had a long night ahead of me but I'm happy I made the trip to this show. 

IG: @LeviDopeness