Vitamin Water presents #Uncapped :: Vic Mensa & Trey Songz / by Levi Felder

Ok, So I get an email from the good folks over at Vitamin Water they they will be having their last Uncapped show for the year, I haven't attended any of the shows all year long but I figured "What a great way to end my work week!" so...I go. Upon arrival I'm VIP so I skip the line and get in early, get a great spot to shoot and the rest is history. It was my first time hearing Vic Mensa live but he did his thing and blew the crowd away, he moved around the stage quite abit; maybe it's is thing, but I thought he was gonna pass out or something, other than that the music he performed was awesome and I will be downloading his tape after this encounter.  Trey on the other hand is an industry vet playing the hits that make all the ladies wanna drop their panties and toss them on stage, I didn't stay for the entirety of his set, it was cool to shoot him live for the first time. I'd like to thank Natalie Rodriguez and Meg from Vitamin water for there help.

Vic Mensa

Trey Songz