DJCCNY's 27th Birthday Celebration @ Noble. by Levi Felder

 DJ CCNY celebrated his 27th birthday last night at Noble, I brought my lil Fuji with me and did some slight corresponding, enjoy!

Amine @ Rough Trade 8.24.16 by Levi Felder


Last night my homegirl Justine hit me up with an opportunity to see a show with her at Rough Trade in Willy B, I graciously accepted and before I knew it we were smoking at East River State Park and ready to experience this artist live. It was my first time seeing Amine live and it was his first show in New York so I had no clue what to expect. Earlier in the day I noticed via Apple Music that Amine only has one song listed (Caroline) which could only mean the show would showcase unreleased material. Fast, and Conscious, the dexterity of Amines song production and flows made for an amazing show. The crowd really vibed and with special guest Kari Faux and Allan Kingdom it wasn't bad for a Wednesday night! Enjoy the media below; photos from my new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (still working out the learning curve) and some live video of Amine performing his smash hit "Caroline"

#SummerFridays Presents "10Pins" @ Brooklyn Bowl by Levi Felder


Another week, another #SummerFridays! Unfortunately this is the last event of the season but that doesn't mean it can't end with a bang and by bang I mean Strikes! This edition of Summer Fridays came in the form of a Bowling Tournament for Charity. Aside from Avion Tequila making sure we're all loose, the other sponsors included JBL, Complex Magazine, and Team Epiphany so the rosters for the teams were as follows: Team Sweet Chick, Team Mighty Healthy, Team Jason Markk's, Team Miss Lily's, Team Pin Trill, and Team M.T.T.M in the end it came down to Team Sweet Chick and Team Miss Lily's in a tie. There was a showdown style Bowl-Off and Team Miss Lily's dominated and took home the prizes but we all win! Enjoy the photos below and if you see yourself; tag, repost and let em know who caugt you!

#SummerFridays Presents "The SleepOver" @ Kinfolk by Levi Felder


Okay, so I'm a week late with this post but Ray from Mighty Healthy hit me up to attend a day party at Kinfolk called "The Sleep Over" in short it was a great excuse to leave the crib in night time apparel to party and be super cozy as the same time. My mother bestowed upon me one of her treasured robes and I made my way to Willie B. First step into Kinfolk and I already peeped some guy in one of those Dancing Bear outfits from the porno's; I thought it was tight. Goldlink made an appearance and performed some hits from his tape and even killed that track with kaytranada and Aluna George. Open bar provided by Avion Tequila, and sounds by the one and only DJ Wonder. Enjoy the photos below and if you see yourself repost and tag the kid!

"Word is Bond" Farewell Mau & Arlene by Levi Felder

Our good friend Mau is moving to Boston to start the next chapter of his life with his wife and kid and as saddened as we all are that we're losing another OG here in the city, we are also very proud and blessed to have had this man in our lives. Whether you knew him as the Bespoke King of Mercer or the really fly older cat with the immaculate-ass beard; Mau's presence has been felt by us all who occupied the Skinny last night. It was super dope to see everyone who worked at Nike's 21 Mercer in the passed couple years and as always I had my fuji in hand to capture the vibes, check it out! Mau! We know you're gonna kill it in whatever field you choose to venture, one love brother! 

Top Shelf Vol. 1 Mixtape Release Party @ Ludlow Coffee Supply by Levi Felder

Last week the homie Mark of TopShelf Premium threw a nice invite only kickback at Ludlow Coffee Supply to launch the first volume of his mixtape series entitled Top Shelf Vol.1. The vibes were chill and there was plenty of PBR to be had. My good friend Sebastien came through and and kicked it with his affiliates and then Dyemond Lewis of Pro Era came through  with his brothers, good friends of mine whom I've grown up with in Brooklyn. Long story short there was good music, some guy ordered pizza for everyone, and I got to smoke with Big Body Bes, shit was real. You can listen to the tape below and peep the visuals from the event!

Happy Birthday Mr.Flawless by Levi Felder

Last night Greg Yuna aka Mr.Flawless celebrated his birthday by throwing  a Sunday afternoon party at Haus. Watching Greg evolve from just another jeweler in the diamond district to becoming the 6th Ave God has been something to behold. My first run in with Mr.Flawless was about 3 years ago, I stumbled into Griffin(R.I.P) and despite not seeing anyone I knew personally I did happen to recognize one; Greg Yuna. We chopped it up over the loud bass of yesteryears club anthems and from that night onward our relationship continued to grow. Last night was a time for us all to unwind on the lords day and turn up on behalf of Mr.Flawless, I didn't bother to ask how old he was turning because that was irrelevant, this man is going to continue to push the envelop in terms of his personal brand and the people and places he will find himself. Happy Birthday Mr.Flawless, many, many more!

Five's BBQ Birthday KickBack! by Levi Felder

Our west coast brother Five has been celebrating his birthday for the passed week here in New York. Yesterday an impromptu BBQ was held to both celebrate and give Five a proper send off as he embarks home later tonight. Towards the tail end of July a small handful of us will be making our way out west to have some fun and create some new memories with Five and his homies! Happy Birthday Five and also Happy Birthday to our homie Vincent who shares the same day as Five. Those close to me will enjoy these, its no really for you guys; the masses. That being said, enjoy!

Sweet Chick X Fila Release Party featuring Rakim @ StadiumGoods by Levi Felder

Quite possibly three of my favorite things all together in one place. Chicken & Waffles, Sneakers, and The God MC; Rakim! These three points of interest had many people converge on to  StadiumGoods on Thursday night to bare witness to the release of everyones favorite chicken and waffle spot; Sweet Chick, and the only sneakers I had as a young boy; Fila, collaborate. With Fila being off my radar since I was about 9 I wasn't all too familiar with the collaboration shoe in question but once I took a sneak peak back at it when Ludlow Coffee Supply opened I knew that the homie John Seymour had a grand slam home run of a collab on his hands. In spite of Nike just releasing a chicken and waffle themed dunk; which just seemed all in bad taste, this Fila had tons more persona and a great deal of under the radar appeal which is big in New York today as everyones strives to be seen in shit that others can't acquire or were late to the boat for, anyway I'm rambling. Statik Selektah held it down on the one's and two's and Rakim; The God MC was not only in attendance he was also due to perform a quick set for us all consisting of the hits you and I know best. Due to the odd orientation of the performance area I found myself extremely close to Rakim while he was doing his thing. This worried me as I felt we was gonna spaz but it was all good and Rakim to this day hasn't let the fame stop him from connecting with his core fans and as long as I can see hip-hops greats in this fashion I will have lived a complete life. A big thank you goes out to John and Kyle of Sweet Chick for always putting me in the right place to get awesome content for you all to enjoy. Peep the photos below and get them out into cyber space bye!