Happy Birthday Justin Bell aka @PoloSheets aka Taliban Don aka Justin Lauren

Justin Bell is without a shadow of a doubt the reason I am where I am today. Without Justin I would've probably finished college and would've had my degree in Graphic Design but I'm happy, I'm happy that I dropped out of school and went to The Hundreds everyday after class or would cut class just to kick it with Chris and Justin. They took me in for god knows what reason and 3 years later I'm proud of the person that I've become; a very well rounded individual who is fairly well adept in everything from comic books to the right amount of sag your pants should have. Yesterday night we had dinner at the chinatown staple 69 Bayard and as always the staff was very nice and even provided laughs on laughs. Happy Birthday Justin and may you have 25 more birthdays......but just 25 haha! Love you bro!


Like I mentioned a couple days back, #StreetMeetNY was going to take shape here after the Agenda Trade Show, I was a bit on the fence about how the turnout would be because after seeing how well both LA and SF did but I should've realized that I live in the greatest city on the planet and everyone shoots photo here. With the 4pm hour quickly upon us I was sad to see only about 10 people in front of the shop, that number soon doubled, then tripled, by the time 4:30pm rolled around we were topping traffic and didn't give a fuck about cars or bike lanes. GRND was a traphouse and I couldn't have been happier to be the ringleader alongside Van Styles(@Van_Styles) & Timothy McGurr(13thWitness). I'd like to personally thank everyone who came out and really made this meet possible and a special shout out goes to the homie who went above and beyond to be there with us. The power of the social media age took flight; well walked atleast, and it was awesome to really get to know some of you guys and gals, keep doing your thing and keep your eyes and ears open for the next #StreetMeet.


We're just a bunch of crazy cats...

                                                                               Lakai X V/sual kicks on deck.

                                                                               Lakai X V/sual kicks on deck.

                                    Van doesn't like that my beard is longer than his, so I covered it up.

                                    Van doesn't like that my beard is longer than his, so I covered it up.

                                                                                   Boss Shit right here.

                                                                                   Boss Shit right here.

Blood on the Leaves.

Despite today's hot and humid weather I felt highly compelled to go out and shoot something for you guys. Luka Sabbath walked through the door sporting the Red Octobers and as always; if the conditions are right an impromptu shoot will take place. We walked the blazing hot streets for about 15 mins and quickly headed back to the shop to cool off and drink Figi Water.



Took the latter half of my afternoon on Friday to link up with the young talent @Novess I didn't realize up until about a week ago that he was 15 years old but he's way ahead of the curve at such a young age. Novess' 13thWitnessish style is very potent throughout his edits and I'd like to learn that from him, we linked up in TriBeca then we headed for the financial district with his manager Dylan and we just chased sunsets all afternoon.

BreakTime w/ Joana Nhan (@NahBroItsCool)

Joana is regular on the block, she one of the many people that makes Nike's 21 Mercer flagsip store a well oiled machine. Whenever she can Joana will stoop it with us and eat her lunch and hit her very technical looking trippy stick, the thing looks like an alien probe. Anyway I kinda realized I haven't formerly shot her yet so I figured I would bless her with  the lens game; which is proper btw.

Street Corner Meetings

With the last day of my "Personal Time" coming to a close on a somewhat beautiful Friday afternoon, I found myself on the street trying to get back into the funk of shooting. It's no secret that the last couple days have been hard for me to deal with, I haven't bee all too inspired to shoot anything and so my camera collected some dust but I'm back now. Taking to the streets with full force made me feel awesome again just waiting and watching for something or someone to happen. Meeting up with Ricky Powell is always a sure fire way for me to feel like I do belong in this industry and sure enough after a few lattes and bird calling at a few ladies I found myself happy again, and I can't thank him enough for that, even Dave from SSUR stopped in on us and we went for a nice stroll before the rapture. Here's my day in photos.