Vitamin Water presents #Uncapped :: Vic Mensa & Trey Songz

Ok, So I get an email from the good folks over at Vitamin Water they they will be having their last Uncapped show for the year, I haven't attended any of the shows all year long but I figured "What a great way to end my work week!" so...I go. Upon arrival I'm VIP so I skip the line and get in early, get a great spot to shoot and the rest is history. It was my first time hearing Vic Mensa live but he did his thing and blew the crowd away, he moved around the stage quite abit; maybe it's is thing, but I thought he was gonna pass out or something, other than that the music he performed was awesome and I will be downloading his tape after this encounter.  Trey on the other hand is an industry vet playing the hits that make all the ladies wanna drop their panties and toss them on stage, I didn't stay for the entirety of his set, it was cool to shoot him live for the first time. I'd like to thank Natalie Rodriguez and Meg from Vitamin water for there help.

Vic Mensa

Trey Songz

Up & Out :: Midtown

Hey Guys and Gals! Sorry for not posting my adventures as of late, I'm back and ready to supply you all wit that fire. Recently I met a really nice young lady by the name of Stacy who was visiting New York for a couple days, I was working the entire time she was in town but made it up t her this morning by joining her for a nice 4am photo meet-up. We started in Midtown and wrapped somewhere in central park, with my new found love for long exposure shots I'm realizing that although I'll be out the house for a whole day, I may only come back home with 10-12 good shots but hey thats photography, right? Follow Stacy @StacyGutierrezPhotography

PacSun & Vans present "Danny Brown" @The House of Vans

Nylon Magazine has been good to me, blessing me with yet another awesome opportunity to showcase my photo diversity and skills in the form of a show headlined by Danny Brown(@XDannyXBrownX). I made my way sloppily drunk to the venue hoping I would sober up enough to get my settings straight; and I did, but again there was an open bar so the liver plot thickened. People hold Danny in high regards when it comes to his musical craft but I never gave him the time of day, to me if your beats are on point and I can comprehend what your saying you alright with me, in Danny's case there are only so many times I understand what was said but like most people who come to a show it's important to have an open mind and just take it all in. The show was awesome and the crowd really gave Danny all they had, I ran into Drama Beats and tha was hilarious, I also had a blast just chilling and shooting in the press section with the homie Peter Pabon(@TheWastedTalent). It's no secret that I had a long night ahead of me but I'm happy I made the trip to this show. 

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On The Street :: KONCEPT & J-57

The rapper/producer duo Koncept &J57 of the Brown Bag Allstars. Deciding to step out as a solo act, the New York natives have just recently finished up recording their upcoming LP Flight with Red Bull at their LA studio, and are now ready to take the world by storm. I linked with my homie Justin who is the manager over at HatClub and we brainstormed the idea of having these guys bless the shop with their presence, we walked the streets shared a few laughs and shot some awesome photos, take a look.


13 Years Later :: The 9/11 Memorial Lights

Last year I was really close to the action that is the memorial lights for the victims of 2001's terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. As a young 4th grader I couldn't really comprehend what was going on until I got home and witnessed what was happening on television; I thought we were under attack or something and technically we were but I didn't understand who or why someone would attack our country. 13 years later and I shoot really awesome photographs and I pay homage in my own way by capturing the immense memorial that is the lights. It's almost kinda unreal to look at but it's majestic all the same and tis being my first go at a log exposure photo I was pretty impressed by the look and clarity of my pictures, to date; the photo I Instagrammed is my most popular photo, thank you everyone who keeps cheering me on to keep doing bigger and better things.

NYFW :: Nike X Pigalle Basketball Tournament

Yesterday I got word that Nike and French clothing brand Pigalle would be having an event at the Hammerstein Ballroom, I questioned whether or not I should really partake in any real fashion week events but I thought to myself this isn't like a Gucci, or Prada show; it's a Nike event and there are sure to be plenty of my friends and some crazy displays because Nike as quite the budget and can create just about anything. After work I made my way up to 34th and 8th Ave and showed up to the function, instantly I was given a really nice screen printed towel and a program card. After walking through the doors with the 21 Mercer familia we posted at the open bar and drank then made our way to the basketball tournament, the court was beautifully designed with geometric shapes and the shade of purple associated with Pigalle, the teams were mainly based on the star celeb who was the captain; I.E. (Team Vashtie, Team Stalley, Team Twelvy) so on and so forth. Team Twelvy ended up going undefeated and won the event over all, in addition to the "celebs" playing there were some people of interest in the bleachers, I tried my best to get all of the people you guys might take interest in, enjoy.

Super Lit Sunsets!

Ever come across a sunset that can completely stop you in your tracks and make you feel like your on some far off planet somewhere; well probably not a planet but you do catch my drift. On average I clock about a fourth of my day on the shops stoop and last night completely blew my shit away so I ran inside and grabbed my camera and did what I do best, capture Grand St like nobody else really can. Some of these might hit print soon.

Ferrari Boys.

Last week before the start of our Fashion Week event Christian(@DJCCNY)'s dad had a good friend of his pull up in a Ferrari Pinifarina; now I had just seen some dude driving one the other day in black and I thought to myself "I've never shot one of those" low and behold the next day this crimson red beast is planted right in front of our store and the owner handed me the keys and it was all over!

TheHundreds Fashion Week Party 2014

It only seemed like 48 hours ago Christian(@DJCCNY) and myself were seated on the stoop and thought it would be awesome to throw a Fashion Week party, the end result 24 hours later came in the form of Belaire Rose sponsoring our liquor, having a flyer prepared with the quickness, and spreading the word amongst all of our friends. The turnout was perfect and despite the room being very hot (Sorry for making you wear black) it was tons of fun. The last Fashion Week party we threw was off the hook and it's great to see that we could recreate that atmosphere again only far more controlled this time around. If you're reading this post you were probably here having a good time and I thank you for taking the time out to kick it with us. Hopefully you'll be around the next time we decide to brainstorm a party!

Up Early :: Day2

After getting a taste of what getting up at 4am can do for me and my photos as a whole I took it upon myself to wake up early again; this time alone, and go capture daybreak from another vantage point. Central Park West seemed like a good place to start, after shooting the Besethda Fountain area I skated down 5th Avenue to hit GCT(Grand Central Terminal) and popped in and out during the morning rush hour then took the 4 train down to Bowling Green to hop on the Staten Island Ferry which took me across the hudson to "The Land Time Forgot" lol, anyway I figured instead of just being on this island only to leave 5 mins later seemed like a waste so I skated and tried to circumnavigate the Island; and got pretty far, skated about 3.3 miles to arrive at the Botanical Garden located on the Eastside of the island. Before I knew it the time was 10:30am and that means this morning excursion is over, till next time!


Up Early :: Day 1

Getting into the funk of shooting with small meets has proved to be quite fun over the last couple weeks and with that comes the hectic; or rather very ill timed meet ups that coincide with some of these cats. Alex(@AlexPenfornis) had touched down from Paris and I love his work so I hit him up and before I knew it I'm waking up at 5:30am to meet up with him and Donnie(@Nulooks_) after meeting up with those 2 several others soon joined the quest for morning glory they included Lily Rose(@Lily__Rose), Vladimir Sh(@VooDoosh); from France, Alex Barrera(@Arch_Barrera) from Vancouver, Victor Chen(Vict0rchen), (@UrbanAlDarkness), Tim Kau(@Tim.Kau), all from the city, and I also had the pleasure of getting to know Danielle Sallah(@BeBeDowntown) and Cesarin Mateo(@IamCesarin). We all met up and embarked across the Brooklyn bridge to catch daybreak and it was fantastic, I just might have to get into the habit of getting up early to get great content. We all split up ventually and went our own ways it was a great start to my long ass day. As always follow me on IG (@LeviDopeness)

Coors Lite & Complex Magazine ::"AXIS" featuring Curren$y and Big Sean.

It can be hard to keep track of all the emails that have to do with free concerts in the city but I do keep my eyes open for the ones that feature the right people and the big names. Last night I made the pilgrimage to the industrial district of Williamsburg to a venue called "The 1896" I'd been here before for some other event about a year ago but anyway tonight was about Curren$y(@Spitta_Andretti) and BigSean(@BigSean). Pulled up to the spot at about 7pm only to wait in line for about 3 hours; not cool, and miss Spitta's first half of the set. I'm fighting my way to front of the crowd to get to the stage in time for Big Sean to hit the stage and to my surprise I actually make it. I saw Big Sean at his album release concert at Terminal 5 back in August last year and didn't care so much about getting good photos of him during his set, Curren$y on the other hand I hadn't seen perform in about 2 years despite seeing him at the Diamond Supply Co x FranK151 book signing last winter, clearly I took a blow not catching Spitta at the best visually appealing spot but I did get to hear him rhyme and that was everything to me. Enjoy the pics and follow me @LeviDopeness on IG.

Spotlight :: NylonGuys Magazine for Jimmy Sweatpants

Yesterday my good friend Kelly Shami(@Kellyshami) had me shoot a quick showcase for NylonGuys. Again, proving the versatility that is streetwear, it only seemed right that I would take a natural street approach to capturing the look of the sweats. After learning that just about everything that has been shot for Nylon Guys in the past has been within a 5 block SoHo radius once I begin shooting more frequently for these guys the locations will switch up tremendously. Jimmy Sweatpants isn't quite like your average sweatpants company, the roots run deep and so do the connections. Featured here is my friend Christian Condina(@CCNewYork) sporting the sweatshort and a pair of sweatpants, look for the full write up and where to cop these on and follow Jimmy Sweatpants at (@JimmyXSweats).

Billionaire Boys Club X Bee Line X Timberland Release.

You guys remember the BBC x Timberland collaboration boot that I shot about a month ago, well today was the release day for that boot and the turnout was much greater than I ever could have predicted. Limited to only 300 pairs the boot is a special collaboration shoe by Timberland for BBC and their partner brand Bee Line; curated by Mark McNairy is sure to fly off the shelves as I type this and will be gone by the time your'e done reading it. The good folks from Good Humor were there to give away free ice cream to help people keep cool as they waited in line. Shooting little items for BBC as of late has been fun and gives me a bit more range as far as the street wear industry goes. If you missed the released you can best believe the eBay market is going to skyrocket this evening.

Catching up with @Novess

As of recently I've found myself wanting to link and make connections with other like-minded photographers. Instead of being alone and exploring the urban surroundings it's proven to be fun to bring a friend then to play Linkin Park and be alone; you know who you are, anyway I linked up with Ryan Parilla(@Novess) the young teen prodigy who's making quite the name for himself as of late. Our lengthy journey took us through the piers of Red Hook then along Brooklyn's coast and that was a journey in it self, we came across a very old wise man with many cats and pigeons and we exchanged stories; kept walking until we hit Brooklyn Bridge Park. It was a route I wasn't all too familiar with but the finds were awesome and walking through the newly renovated Pier 5-2 was cool. We then wrapped and I headed home.